Sports Massage

The Centro Satya sports massage can be divided into three categories:

  • Pre-competition Massage: A stimulating massage that is done prior to any competition or sports event in order to increase blood flow and warm up and stretch the muscles. It is tailored to the requirements of the sport, athlete and event. It helps prevent injuries
  • Post-competition Massage: Helps the athlete speed up the recovery process after exercise.
  • Injury Recovery Massage: With this massage the healing process post injury is increased reducing pain and offering new solutions to the rehabilitation process.

This massage can even benefit those who do not practice any sport since the injuries suffered are not specific to athletes. The techniques applied in this massage have the same objective, treat the person not the sport.

Book the sports massage in Centro Satya and have access to a natural approach to care, recover from any effort and increase your work capacity.

1 Hour: 50.00€