Facial Treatment

The facial aesthetic treatment is a therapy that is divided into three steps

  1. Diagnosis by Facial ReflexologyThrough physical exploration and the collection of information, it is possible to correct external signs and go to the root to solve and improve the initial causes.

2. Facial Mask with Chocolaterapia

In the next step, a facial mask is applied that provides anti-ageing properties. The benefits of this step are:
– Nourishes and repairs your skin in depth
– The mask and chocolate therapy include antioxidants for skin rejuvenation
– Provides beauty and energy
– Activates the natural collagen of the skin
– It benefits our immune system, based on scientific discoveries

3. Facelift Bioptron

Polarized light is a luminous ray that acts as a stimulating complement of well-being, relaxation and vitality. This step will bring us:
– Beauty and energy
– Decreased wrinkles and sagging
– Reduction of eye bags, improving the tone of the skin that becomes luminous and vital
– Improvement of tissue structure
– Improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation
– Increased production of collagen and elastin.