Reiki is a natural system of energy channeling, harmonization and recovery using the hands with the objective of maintaining and recovering one’s health.

Reiki is a Sanskrit word that means:

  • REI: Universal energy
  • KI: Vital Energy

Reiki works on all levels:

  • Physical: improvement of ailments, injuries, metabolism …
  • Emotional: emotional problems, unhappiness, aggression …
  • Mental: harmful habits, stress, insomnia, anxiety …
  • Spiritual: harmony, peace, balance …

Given its many benefits the practice of Reiki is currently being implemented in hospitals as well as health centers. Many health care practitioners have been trained in the practice of Reiki given its compatibility and complementary nature with other therapies.

Reiki acts in depth by targeting to the root of the physical or emotional problem. This allows the emotion or pattern of behavior that created an imbalance to manifest itself and be healed. It also helps us in our personal growth and to expand our consciousness.

Book a Reiki session in Centro Satya and enjoy its benefits on all levels.

Reiki – 30.00€ per session
Advance booking required