Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that it involves the application of pressure on specific points on the body that promote recovery and a balanced health.

Through touch, the shiatsu practitioner performs a diagnosis while also applying treatment. Analysing the body’s structure at rest and in motion he/she locate the areas of highest tension or those that lack tone and applies pressure to those points. Throughout the session, the practitioner performs checks on the patient’s progress, adapting the treatment at all times.

Shiatsu pressure stimulates the ability of the body to heal itself. It relieves pain and  produces relaxation resulting in an experience of great wellness. Shiatsu does not produce any side effects meaning people of all ages, children or elderly and pregnant women can receive this treatment.

Regular Shiatsu sessions help to relieve physical fatigue, increases the elasticity of the skin and muscles, which produces general wellbeing.

No therapeutic oils are used in a Shiatsu session which are received clothed.

Book a Shiatsu session in Centro Satya and enjoy the benefits of this therapeutic treatment.

Price: 45.00€ – Duration: 1Hour