Evolutionary Floral Therapy

Bach Flowers are a series of natural essences prepared from flowers and plants, with healing properties. They are a precious and indispensable tool of self-knowledge and personal growth. Treating also physical, emotional or mental disorders.

By harmonizing negative states, Bach flowers help to restore the lost emotional balance. Benefiting the psychological health and in turn stimulating the body’s self healing capacity.

Dr. Edward Bach, creator of these flowers, bases his philosophy on the premise that the origin of the disease arises from the conflict between our Soul and our Personality. The energetic blockage that occurs at the emotional and mental level causes disharmony, malaise, imbalance, and therefore, illness.

Evolutionary Floral Therapy. Alchemical Essences …

Through an interview, the person is guided through coaching techniques and NLP (neurolinguistic programming). The patterns of personality are explored and new options are opened, which help the person to move in a more loving and conscious way through the process that he or she is currently living. A customized flower preparation is also provided which should be taken for 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the need of the person.

This therapy has no side effects and can be applied to children.

Price: 50.00€ per session
Includes a preparation of Bach Flowers.